Showing an Old Dog New Tricks

My 75 year-old father was gob smacked to learn that most of the paperwork I handled for obtaining my mortgage was done on my smart phone.  It started when he asked me to take him to the doctor’s office.   My dad is a very punctual man, so he was already dressed and waiting when I arrived.  As he got in the car, the alert sounded from my new Samsung S8 that I obtained from T-Mobile, and a quick check showed it was my mortgage broker.  I voiced a text for her and we continued.   At breakfast, my dad reminded me I had a call to make. When I told him I had already sent the info, signed the documents she requested electronically and he was alarmed.  He admonished me to meet face to face with people when doing business.  I told him we had done so over the computer by Skype before I left the house.  I only had to e-sign some docs and send them on the way.  He warned that “those hackers” would get me, and I assured him I had sent many documents this way in my line of work.

Finally, he completed his routine office exam and we headed off. I told him I had used a Groupon to get a great deal on the phone, and even showed him how I made a purchase using a Groupon for some concert tickets I wanted.  He asked when I’d print them out.  I told him I only had to present my e-stub, and they would be electronically scanned by the usher who would then show me to my seat.  Next, we stopped so he could buy a sweater for the fall weather.  While he shopped, I called into a conference call and then dictated my notes into the app on my phone so I could follow up on several points that came up during the meeting.

It was a beautiful day, so I suggested we stop at the park near the house.  While he watched the dogs play, I did some shopping of my own.  Not once during that day did a call drop while I was taking care of business.  The connections were secure and strong, I got good coverage all over the city, and I got through each time I tried.  That’s the advantage of using T-Mobile.  By the time I dropped my father off, I had sealed the deal with my mortgage broker, shopped for items for the new house, and got free delivery by using Groupon, participated in a conference call, stored my notes for later reading, and shopped for new clothes for my dad.  As he got out of the car he quipped, “E-stubs, e-sign, e-commerce – are you going to e-kiss me?”  I replied, “Sure, just text a request!”